17 April 2015

Up-do hairstyles to try now

Whatever the occasion, we've found the perfect up-do hairstyle for you

For a bohemian finish, loosely tong hair before creating your up-do, then tease a few wispy strands loose. The more tousled and fly-away it looks, the better.

This braided hairstyle is easier than it looks - recreate your own plaited bun by splitting your low pony into two braids, easing hair loose from them and pinning them into a soft bun.

This twisted, low up-do will work on any hair colour and length. The style is side-parted at the front with a little root lift.

Twist your locks back on either side of your head (without creating a parting) and secure into a bun at the nape of your neck...

Keep a soft centre-parting for a cool off-duty finish. We love this model’s ombre hair colour, too.