2 April 2015

Bohemian Brides

Feminine, romantic and refreshingly natural, these delicate blooms seen threaded throughout hair and down loose braids, blossoming across runways for the last several seasons, offer an achingly beautiful, more delicate interpretation of bohemian hair, perfect for garden ceremonies or brides with an affinity for the natural world.

Twist your hair into soft, bohemian braids to create a romantic, ethereal look on your wedding day. Worn as a delicate frame around your face or in thick fishtale braids, this style suits almost any type of gown, adding contrast to a glamorous wedding or perfectly finishing a boho/gypsy look. 

Add to this bohemian style by weaving delicate flowers through the braids or pinning a fresh flower garland into your hair. Finish with a bold red lipstick for a modern touch.